Pringle condemns plans to track down people who do not pay tax

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Anti-household charge campaigners have condemned plans by the government to track down people who do not pay tax, through utility bills.
The Sunday Times yesterday reported that the move follows discussions with the Data Protection Commissioner.
Just 12 percent of homes have so far signed up to pay the 100 euro tax – which is due by the end of the month.
It means the net result to the government coffers will only hit the 20-million euro mark – instead of the expected 160 million.
Personal information – such as names addresses and PPS numbers, held by state owned service providers – will be used to identify the 1.4 million households who have not yet registered to pay the charge.
Donegal South-West Deputy and anti-household charge campainger Thomas Pringle says this is a method the Government should not be able to use…….


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