Martin McGuinness calls on RAAD to disband

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Martin McGuinness has today called on vigilante group RAAD to issue a clear and definitive statement removing all threats to young people in Derry and to disband the group.
In a statement the North’s Deputy First leader said RAAD have nothing at all to do with Irish Republicanism and as oppressors of the community in Derry, they are anti-Republican.
Martin McGuinness described RAAD as a tiny group of people and  said they are not representative and are not accountable to anyone but themselves and are driven entirely by ego and not by any desire to tackle drug abuse in Derry or anywhere else.
Mr McGuinness added that shooting young people who have become addicted to drugs or threatening them from their homes does nothing to tackle the issue.
He said that in the most recent incident in Derry, RAAD shot two young people from a prominent Republican family who had no involvement at all in drugs.
Mr McGuinness feels the problem with drugs must be tackled through the  PSNI taking decisive action against drug dealers and through proper support for young people who have become addicted to drugs.
Mr McGuinness concluded by saying  that those people who lead RAAD are well known in Derry and need to issue a clear and definitive statement removing all of the threats they have issued and disband their group once and for all.


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