Septic tanks in Donegal to be among the first wave of inspections

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It’s emerged that septic tanks in parts of Donegal will be among the first to be targetted when inspections begin next year.
According to the Irish Independent, tanks in Donegal, Galway, Monaghan, Louth, Cork, Laois and Wexforde will be the first to be inspected because, the paper says, they are believed to be a threat to water sources.
In the North West area, three areas of risk are identified, two of them in Donegal incorporating a total of 3,266 septic tanks.
The first is the southern end of Lough Swilly, where 2,184 tanks are believed to pose as risk. That represents 37% of the total. 41% of rivers in the area are rated ‘poor’.
The other is in the Crana catchment, bordered by Drunfries, Buncrana and the Fullerton Pollen Dam. 1,082 tanks, 26% of the total, are believed to pose a risk. 47% of river in the area have ‘poor’ status.


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