Fianna Fail launch attack on Mayor and call for meetings to be streamed online

Fianna Fail have questioned the impartiality of the Donegal Mayor and want all future Council meetings streamed online.
The party has made the call off the back of ongoing discipline issues occurring during recent meetings.
Fianna Fail believes the situation is spiralling out of control.
Fianna Fail want meetings streamed so the public of the county can witness first hand the conduct of the meetings.
The also feel this will give an opportunity for the public to monitor the workings of the Council and how decisions are taken that directly concern them.
The proposals come off the back of a series of controversial meetings – there have been numerous allegations of threats, bullying and intimidation being thrown around by councillors
Fianna Fail also seems to suggest much of the blame lies with Fine Gael Mayor Noel McBride who chairs the meetings.
The party’s is of the view that Donegal County Council can no longer function in its present manner with poor discipline, lack of respect for fellow colleagues during Council meetings, threatening behaviour by members within the chamber being unchallenged and not dealt with by the Mayor almost on a routine basis
The party also says that there is a lack of respect to members of staff and a total lack of respect to visitors to the chamber as witnessed the last meeting with members of the youth council.