Injuries board pays out €5.5m to Donegal claimants

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Figures from the injuries board for last year show that there was a significant increase in compensation paid out to Donegal people compared to 2010.
Last year compensation for claimants in Donegal totaled €5.5m.
Last year injuries board dot ie made 224 awards to claimants in Donegal in 2011 – this compared to 233 in 2010.
The amount of compensation for claimants in the county totaled €5.5m last year, that is up on the 4.7 million awarded in 2010.
Donegal had one of the highest levels of cases dealt with by the board outside of the main population centres.
Nationally, over three quarters of awards were for injuries from road traffic accidents while the remainder were split between workplace (8.4%) and public place (15.1%) accidents.
The board was established by the government in 2004 – It is claimed that as a result motor insurance premiums have dropped over its life time and cases that took years to resolve are being dealt with within months.


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