Concern for jobs as 17 Gweedore workers are put on 3 day week

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17 workers of Sioen Ireland were told today that they will have to go on a three day week on short time work from next week onwards.
The Gweedore based company produce protective clothing and equipment.
Reacting to the news local Deputy Pearse Doherty said:
“There is never a good time to hear this sort of news that was given to the 17 workers of Sioen Ireland in Gweedore. I am sure that many of these individuals are already struggling with the burden of new taxes and cuts that have been foisted on them by this Government. Today’s news will make an already difficult situation worse.
“I am aware that the management of Sioen Ireland have through very challenging times successfully retained employment here in Donegal despite external pressures. This wouldn’t be the first time that staff were required to work short time. On a previous occasion the management were able to trade out of the difficulties and return staff to full time hours.
“I can only hope that this will be the outcome on this occasion.”


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