All charges dropped against Donegal taxi driver accused of rape in Derry

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A former taxi driver has told how his life has been left in “tatters” after a rape allegation saw him dragged through the courts.
All charges against 39-year-old Kieron Coyle from Killygordon relating to an alleged rape of a female on December 15 were withdrawn at Derry Magistrate’s Court today.
Speaking afterwards Mr Coyle said he will now try and rebuild his life, “as best he can” but is currently fearful he will be targetted by dissidents, who he has been informed are building a profile on him.
He said that the last four months of his life ahd been hell, and that he had turned to alcohol.
He said most of his friends had deserted him, he lost his job and his taxi licence was taken away.
He said he did not even know the woman who made the allegations against him.
Mr Coyle said the law does not do enough to protect men who have been accused of rape.


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