Council warns services will be hit if Household Charge isn’t paid

Donegal County Council is urging the public to pay the household charge or it may be forced to revise its budget for 2012.
If everyone in the country were to pay, Donegals’ portion would be in the region of €8 million
When the budget was agreed for this year the county manager took that in to consideration.
The council is warning that if that money is not now forthcoming, then spending in the county may be cut
In a statement this afternoon the council said:
‘The proportion of Donegal’s LGF, as a proportion of National LGF is some 5%. Given that there is a targeted €160 million to be collected and disbursed to Council’s Nationally as part of the 2012 LGF, Donegals’ portion of such a fund can be estimated at 5% or some €8 million of the overall figure of €30, 945,838.’
‘Minister’s Hogan’s recent indications that non-realization of targeted collection figures for the Household Charge may result in  Council’s having to review their 2012 expenditure plans, could give rise to reductions in services that are funded through the LGF on an annual basis.’
‘The level and extent of any shortfall will have to be reviewed if this transpires, given the Council’s requirement to operate as a business in it’s own right, by managing expenditure within available income limits.’
Donegal County Council therefore encourages all householders to pay the Household charge by 31st March 2012 to ensure the continuation of services as planned for in the 2012 Revenue Budget and also to avoid the incurring of penalties and interest which will be liable for payment effective from 1st April.