McHugh disappointed that Household Charge cant be paid in cash at Post Offices yet

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There where a number of developments on the issue of the Household Charge today.
The Social Protection Minister says almost every other country in the world has a charge for local authority services and therefore so should we adding that she believes most will.
While Donegal County Council warned that an 8 million euro income from the charge has been factored in to this years budget and if people don’t pay it, frontline services will be effected.
This was described as more scare mongering by the local ‘Can’t Pay Won’t Pay’ group.
And the Irish Postmasters Union says it’s astonished that people aren’t able to pay the household charge in the post office.
The call for the public to be allowed to do so comes just 2 weeks after Donegal Fine Gael Deputy Joe McHugh said an agreement to allow this was imminent.
However today he said some issue have arisen:


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