Controversial ferry funding issue back up for discussion at Council meeting

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County Manager Seamus Neely has said he believes the executive of the council can reach agreement with the operator of the Foyle and Swilly Ferries to get both services on the water for the maximum period of time.
He said that will be done within the €50,000 budget  available.
This issue led to some tension at the council’s February meeting, and at one point this afternoon, the debate almost reignited again over the contribution from each electoral area, with Cllr Liam Blaney saying he still hasn’t yet had a response to his query about how much was being provided by the Letterkenny and Inishowen Electoral Areas.
The manager said his understanding was that €25,000 would be provided by each of the electoral areas, with the executive given discretion of how the money is to be used.
This was agreed by the council, with Cllr Blaney seeking reports on how the money is used……….



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