Donegal home owners face much higher bin charges

New figures show that in some cases Donegal people are paying almost twice as much in bin charges compared to other parts of the country.
A survey by the Irish Independent shows waste collection costs vary massively around the country, with rates ranging from €199 a year in Kilkenny to €380 in Donegal.
it is claimed that the high costs in some areas is one reason why half-a-million households have not signed up to a rubbish collection service, leading to huge problems with illegal dumping and burning of waste.
Environment Minister Phil Hogan is now considering forcing all households to sign up for waste collection services.
The Independent’s survey shows that even customers of the same company can pay different amounts, as Greenstar charges €380 in Donegal but just €199 in Kilkenny —  the latter is an introductory offer to attract new customers.
The Irish Waste Management Association blames distances in more remote counties like Donegal as a reason for higher charges.
Meanwhile the latest Environmental Protection Agency figures show that 29pc of households nationwide don’t have a waste collection service.
This rises to 63pc of occupied homes in Donegal and over 50pc in Roscommon, Cavan, Offaly, Sligo and Limerick.


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