River Foyle object turns out to be rock outcrop

The discovery of a mysterious object in the river Foyle, has turned out to be a rock outcrop.
Divers inspected the site last week and despite poor visibility, no evidence of a reck was found.
It was thought that the mystery wreck could have been a submarine or U-boat.
But Environment Minister Alex Attwood said that divers who inspected the site last week said there was no evidence of this, and what was found was actually a rock outcrop with debris.
He said due to poor visibility much of the search was conducted by finger-tip.
Some people had speculated that the wreck could be a German U-boat, as at the end of the war, Nazi submarines surrendered in the Foyle from where they were taken out to sea and destroyed or sunk.
Others believed it was British two-man mini submarine.
Another theory was that it could have been a small boat or even a private yacht, as one is known to have sunk in the area many years ago.’


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