Over 12 million collected in Donegal from NPPR charge since 2009

The second home tax has raised nearly 2 million euro more this year than in 2011.
Saturday marked this year’s deadline for payment of the 200 euro non-principal private residence charge, and almost 50 million euro had been paid by then nationally.
Since the NPPR charge was introduced in 2009, Donegal has seen the fourth highest total of any local authority in the state, and the highest amount collected outside Dublin and Cork.
Now, the government is using data from the NPPR in its quest to collect outstanding Household Charge
The database for the charge has been used along with the register of private rented accommodation for identifying homeowners who hadn’t paid the new household charge. To date, just over 12 million euro has been collected in Donegal since the charge was introduced.
According to the Irish Times, it’s thought the introduction of the 100 euro charge this year may have prompted some people to pay their second home tax for the first time too.
The report does however contrast this with the Donegal situation, which has one of the highest levels of NPPR payment, and one of the lowest Household Charge compliance rates.
It suggests while second homes in the cities are mainly investment properties, the majority in Donegal are holiday homes owned by people from outside the county.


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