Oireachtas Transport Committee hears case for Malin Coastguard

The joint Committee on Transport and Communication has been today hearing arguements for the retention of the current coast guard service as is.
The government will soon consider recomendation from two reports into the coast guard service which cast major doubt over the future of Malin Head and Valencia Coastguard stations.
Representative from the government, coast guard and public representatives from both sides of the border took part in today’s committee meeting:
Questions where posed by Deputy Padraig MacLouchalinn, Charlie McConalogue, Joe McHugh, Senator Brian ODomhnaill and Senator Jimmy Harte.
The meeting was also adressed by SDLP MLA John Dallat………….

Chris Reynolds is head of the Irish Coastguard, he said the cross border cooperation is very important………….

Maurice Mullen, of the Department of of Transport, Tourism and Sport was unable to provide specific answers to questions about the future, but said all options were still being considered.
He stressed no decisions have been taken………….


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