Police unable to extradite Kieran Doherty suspect

Police have been unable to extradite a man suspected of murdering a dissident republican in the North, it has been revealed.
31-year-old Kieran Doherty, was shot dead by the Real IRA in 2010.
His body was found naked and bound on the outskirts of Derry near the Donegal border.
Keiran Dohertys death was investigated by an independent security service expert who ruled out MI5 involvement following family concerns about state agents.
But Police do have a suspect for the ex Republican prisoners murder.
Detectives in the North have no information to suggest if or when a possible suspect may enter the PSNI’s jurisdiction but are being assisted by another policing body, a senior officer told a preliminary hearing of his inquest in Belfast yesterday.
Detective Chief Inspector Ian Harrison said they have the name of a suspect but he has not set foot in the North for some time and extradition would not be relevant.
He also said that he would have concerns if the inquest was to go ahead prior to the arrest of a suspect in this case then matters would be revealed in the coroner’s inquest which could be detrimental to the investigation.
Senior coroner John Leckey said during decades of paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland coroners routinely held inquests quite soon after a death and he could not remember police objecting.
The chief inspector said he was not doing so.


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