“Lundy’s Day” traffic delays expected in Derry tomorrow’s

Police in Derry are warning of some traffic delays tomorrow during the Apprentice Boys’ annual ‘Burning of Lundy Parade’ tomorrow.
The events begin tonight when a cannon will be fired at midnight on Friday 30th November, during an initiation ceremony at the Memorial Hall.
As well as the main parade in Derry, there will be several feeder parades tomorrow morning and evening.
The full text of the PSNI statement –
Visiting Branch clubs taking part in the Saturday 1st December parade will assemble at the Railway Station in the Waterside at about 11.00am and the parade will set off at around 11.45am.
The parade will take a route along the top deck of the Craigavon Bridge, Carlisle Square, Carlisle Road, Hawkin Street, London Street, Bishop Street, Palace Lane and Society Street.
No roads will be closed but Motorists are advised to expect delays as the parade crosses the bridge and passes through the Diamond.
At around 3pm bands will parade from London Street to Hawkin Street, Kennedy Street, Kennedy Place, Wapping Lane, Carlisle Square, Carlisle Road, Ferryquay Street, The Diamond, Bishop Street, Society Street, Palace Street.
At around 3.15pm the effigy of Lundy will be burned.
At around 4.15pm the parade will return along London Street, Hawkin Street, Carlisle Road, Carlisle Square, top deck of the Craigavon Bridge, Duke Street where it will disperse at Waterside Link at around 6.15pm. Again, no roads will be closed but motorists are advised to expect delays as the parade passes through the Diamond.
The bottom deck of the Craigavon Bridge will remain open to traffic throughout the day.