State to open its case in Marie Fleming’s right to die appeal

The State is expected to open its case this afternoon in Marie Fleming’s right to die appeal.
The three-day hearing began yesterday before seven judges of the Supreme Court.
The 59-year-old Donegal native is in the terminal stages of multiple sclerosis.
Marie Fleming is looking for a relaxation on the outright ban on assisted suicide.
Lawyers for the former UCD lecturer say she’s lost control of her body and is entitled to a dignified death at a time and in a manner of her choosing.
It’s not about a right to be killed they argue- while she needs assistance the 59 year old will take the decisive step.
She will self administer gas through a face mask or an injection by shaking her head or through a blowing action.
Her legal team say the High Court got it wrong in finding that a limited relaxation on the ban on assisted suicide would  increase the risk of persons being unlawfully killed.
Later today, the State lawyers will give their response to these arguments while the court will also hear submissions from Irish Human Rights Commission.