Serious gorse fire in Loughanure

Fire crews and locals spent nearly six hours last night battling a major gorse fire in Loughanure village.

The fire started on the Crolly road just on the outskirts of the village and burned across the mountain on to the Annagry road.

Four fire crews from Dungloe, Gweedore and Falcarragh backed up by local people battled the blaze that burned hundreds of acres of bogland, bushes and trees.

Several donkeys that were trapped in the middle of the fire were rescued.

The fire burned close to residential properties in several locations.

Fire crews soaked the land around houses on the Annagry road as the fire burned across the mountain and into Meendernasloe.

Several houses in that area are hosting Irish language students at present attending the local Irish college – none were evacuated.

Fire crews from Gweedore and Dungloe spent most of yesterday, Tuesday dealing with gorse fires in Kincasslagh, Gweedore and Dungloe areas – getting little recovery time before being called out again.



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