Fall in amount of people signing on in Donegal in March

doleMarch saw another fall in the amount of people signing on in County Donegal.
20,864 people signed on in the county last month which represents a month on month drop and a decrease on the same period last year.
But the figures again point to emigration, particularly those under25, as a significant cause of the reduction.
Between March 2012 and 2013 over 200 under 25 came off the live register – some says that with the lack of job creation in Donegal, the majority of those are likely to have emigrated.
The biggest fall in those under 25 on the live register was recorded in Inishowen.
Across the board, there were 20,864 signing on last month – that is a year on year decrease of 187.
Ballybofey remained virtually unchanged, an extra 23 signed on in Ballyshannonn while, overall, the amount signing on in Inishowen fell by 207 leaving the figure on the dole there now at 4,321.
An extra 63 signed on at Donegal Town, the queue lenghened in Dunganaghy by 54 while 1,172 now sign on in Killybegs down 59.
Outside of Inishowen, the biggest year on year drop was recorded in the Letterkenny area – 6,014 signed on last month – down 112 on March of 2012.