Fresh expenses probe into ten sitting and former Donegal County Councillors

County houseDonegal County Council has confirmed  anonymous correspondences have been received by the Ethics Registrar in the Council alleging that a number of current and former councillors did not attend for the full duration of certain conferences or seminars.
The documentation is signed off on behalf of ‘Tax Payers of Donegal and Rate Payers of Donegal.’
It’s being claimed that a number of sitting and former county councillors in Donegal claimed for conferences they shouldn’t have.
Detailed documentation relating to ten sitting and ex councillors alleges that they claimed expenses for conferences they did not fully attend.
The annonymous complainant claims that it is a ‘possible breach of the code of conduct of councillors’ not to attend a conference for its duration and did not represent good value for money to the tax payer.
Details are given of the cost of the conferences, including mileage and subsistence.
The cost of the conferences range from 497 euro to over 1,200 euro. The conferences date as far back to 2007.
Donegal County Council has contacted those named to make them aware that their names on the documentation.


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