Hot hot hot – Highs of 30 degrees today

The whole of the country can sit back and enjoy the high temperatures over the next few days.
Met Eireann says it could hit 30 degrees today and those highs look like staying put until the weekend.
Next week is to be dry too, but temperatures could drop back down to the early 20s.
Yesterday was the hottest days since July 2006.
John Eagleton of Met Eireann says this latest spell of good weather is country-wide
“The west of the country looks like being best…up till Thursday and then it might just shift a little bit to the east; and when the east, I just mean Leinster – more towards the east coast” he said.
“You only have to go inland a few miles from the east coast for it to be very good”.
“The other thing to is that the humidifies are low – certainly they were low yesterday…and I think they’ll stay low today because the winds are easterly”.
“That of course makes the heat more bearable” he added.


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