Council asks the public not to wash cars/ water lawns and take showers if possible

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With the country on the verge of an official drought, Donegal County Council has asked the public not to use public water to wash cars or water their lawns.

Overnight water restrictions are already in place in the Glenties and Stranorlar Electoral areas, but the council is warning that may have to be extended.

The Council is asking public to conserve use of water to essential purposes only.

The authority says that the dry spell together with increased seasonal demand have already added considerable strain on water supplies and in order to ensure a continuous minimum supply to all areas, watering of gardens and washing of cars in particular should be avoided.

Farmers are urged to check drinking troughs to ensure that ball-cocks have not been damaged causing over flow of the troughs

Golf Clubs / Football clubs are asked not to use the public water supply for watering greens / pitches

In the home, the council says the public should avoid baths and shower instead were possible, turn the tap off when brushing teeth and fill your washing machine and wash only full loads.


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