Children’s hospital seeks families in contamination scare

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The Clinical Director of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital  in Dublin says there is no immediate risk to the 18 children involved in a contamination scare.
It is after a bug was found on a colonoscope which was used on 18 children between the 17th of May and the 5th of July.
Tests carried out on the equipment showed the presence of a bug in a crack in the damaged scope.
The hospital says results will be returned immediately and full support will be given to any family whose child tests positive. Hospital managers have apologised for the incident.
The parents of 15 out of the 18 children have been contacted. The hospital hopes to make contact with the remaining three families today.
Colm Costigan says the bug is not an infection but it may “colonise” if the children test positive.
“This particular bacteria produces an enzyme that will be preventively treated by common antibiotics – so basically the important thing here is that the families other people who have  ESPL know that they have ESPL” he said.
“So if they become sick – like with a bad urinary infection, or some other sickness – that the GP and the doctors treating them will know which anti-biotics to start with” he added.


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