Update – Minister says once formalities are cleared, Alcorn can take his Udaras seat

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The way could soon be cleared for Cllr David Alcorn to take his seat on Udaras na Gaeltachta.
11 months after anonymous allegations surfaced about irregularities in his expenses clainms, the Standards in Public Office Commission has cleared Cllr Alcorn of any wrongdoing.
He had been nominated by Donegal County Council to sit on the new Udaras board in October of last year, but the nomination wasn’t ratified by Junior Minister Dinny Mc Ginley, pending the investigation into the claims.
Now, Minister Mc Ginley says as soon as formalities are completed, Cllr Alcorn can take his seat…….

Meanwhile, Cllr Alcorn says he wants to meet the individual or group which made allegations about his expenses.
Cllr Alcorn has been critical of Donegal County Council, which he says dragged out the process, and also failed to inform him for five days that SIPO’s determination had come through.
Speaking on today’s Shaun Doherty Show, Cllr Alcorn also said it is disappointing that his accusser remains anonymous, while his private documents have been widely circulated all over the country………..


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