Sean Quinn says he is “victim”

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Bankrupt Businessman Sean Quinn says he and his family are victims of the banking crisis and that they will keep pushing for vindication.
The former billionaire was a guest at the Ballinamore family Festival in Co. Leitrim yesterday where he apologised for his role in getting so heavily involved with the former Anglo Irish bank.
Mr. Quinn served a nine week sentence in prison last January for contempt of court. His family’s legal battle with the former Anglo Irish Bank continues.
Deputy Business Editor of the Sunday Independent is Tom Lyons. He says while he may be a victim of the banks, he only has himself to blame.
“I think it is accurate to say he is somewhat of a victim – but I think he also has to admit that he was quite the player” he said.
“This is somebody who borrowed a lot of money from the banks, invested a lot of money in bank shares – and to compare himself as a victim versus the ordinary family whose had to watch their children emigrate or the ordinary family who find that they’re suddenly unemployed…I wouldn’t consider him a victim in that sense” he added.


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