British Ministry of Health to promote ‘low alcohol’ wine

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Irish people would be well advised to review their drinking, according to a health expert.
The British Ministry of Health is promoting low alcohol wine in an effort to encourage healthier lifestyle choices and tackle alcohol-related illnesses.
They are petitioning the EU to relax rules which require wine to be above 8.5 percent alcohol.
In Ireland the proportion of women with advanced liver disease has substantially increased in recent years and the number of deaths from alcohol has doubled.
Frank Murray, Chair of Alcohol Policy Group in Royal College of Physicians Ireland. He says everyone would be better to drink less.
“The proportion of women with advanced liver disease has substantially increased” he said.
“When I was a trainee 25 years ago, seeing women present with alcoholic liver disease and dying form it was very unusual; whereas now, it’s almost neck-and-neck with men”.
“And it is worth saying that the number of deaths in Ireland due to liver sclerosis has doubled in the last 20 years (and) the number of deaths from liver disease due to alcohol has doubled”.
“So it’s a huge problem” he added.


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