Traffic and parking information for the Fleadh Cheoil in Derry

Fleadh Cheoil 2013 is advising the public of event information to assist with arrangements in attending Fleadh Cheoil over the weekend.
Drivers are asked to exercise caution in city centre areas and be aware of the extended event zones at Victoria Market and Ebrington. Drivers are reminded to avoid parking anywhere where they may be blocking entrances to residences or businesses or where they may be obstructing emergency access.
In order to accommodate the crowds and the safe passage of Fleadh goers, traffic will be restricted on a number of city centre streets.  These restrictions will be in place until Sunday 18th August and include Shipquay Street, William Street and Strand Road.   Permitted access will be provided to business and local residents in these locations.
Park n’Stride/Ride Facilities
Visitors to the city are encouraged to follow traffic information and directional signs on approach to the City. Park n’Stride/ride facilities are available and sign posted at Fort George on Strand Road.
Park n’ Ride facilities are available at Drumahoe and Immaculate Conception College (Trench Road) with transfer shuttle buses available. Immaculate Conception College will be served by a shuttle bus every 30 minutes while Drumahoe Park and Ride will be served by hourly shuttle bus service. The shuttle bus will be operating from the locations to Foyle Street Bus Centre. The 147 and 148 bus services to Drumahoe Park and Ride also serve Immaculate Conception College from Thursday to Saturday. The 148 services also operate on Sunday.
For city centre car parking please follow signs. Foyleside Car Park is open until 12midnight and Quayside Car Park until 1.00am from 16th August until 18th August.
The DRD car park at Victoria Market will also be closed to the public from 6pm on Wednesday 14th August until midnight on Sunday 18th August.
Disabled Access Car Parking Spaces are available throughout the city and are clearly marked with capacity at Quayside and Foyleside Shopping Centre. Additional disabled car parking spaces will be available from Saturday 17th August at Strand Road Car Park.
Shuttle Bus Services
Templemore Sports Complex to the city centre serving St Columb’s College, North West Regional College and Magee College has a 20-30 minute frequency on the 11A and Fleadh Shuttle bus 1 service from Thursday to Sunday. FY11 also serves this route from Templemore to the city centre.
Fort George to the city centre, serving the North West Regional College and Magee College has a half hour frequency on the FY11A and Fleadh Shuttle bus 1 service from Thursday to Sunday. FY12 also operates from Fort George.
Prehen has hourly bus shuttle services on shuttle bus 2 from the campsite from Thursday to Sunday. Prehen is also served by the scheduled 102, FY6 and 98 services from the nearby Everglades Hotel with a 15-30 minute frequency. FY6 also operates from the Everglades on Sunday.
City of Derry Rugby Club has half hourly shuttle bus service 3 serving Limavady Road Park and Ride facility operating from Thursday to Sunday.
Full details are available from where a special bus timetable can be downloaded. For more information contact Fleadh Cheoil 2013 on 028 71373 573 or view