Irish Cancer Society defends Relay for Life funding

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RelayThe Irish Cancer Society is defending the concentration of a large amount of funding from Relay for Life on research, and says a substantial proportion of the money raised will come back to Donegal.
Meanwhile, the organisers say they want Relay for Life 2014 to be as much about education and awareness as it is about raising money.
Concern has been expressed by a number of organisations in Donegal that Relay for Life has had the effect of reducing the amount of money available to other charities, while at the same time taking the money raised during the event out of the county.
Some have argued that this has hindered rather than helped cancer sufferers in Donegal.
However, speaking in the county this week, Irish Cancer Society Spokesperson Kathleen O’Meara said that research is vitally important, and its benefits will be felt as much in Donegal as anywhere else…….

Having confirmed the opening of the Daffodil Centre at Letterkenny Shopping Centre on September 9th following flood damage at the General Hospital, Kathleen O’Meara said as well as vital research, Relay also provides funds to keep services going, and a substantial amount of that money will come back to Donegal……..

Robert O’Connor is Chairperson of Donegal Relay for Life. He says the 321,000 euro raised this year totally exceeded all expectations, and next year, the contribution Relay makes to education and awareness will be at least as important as the money it raises…………


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