No bail for man accused of sexual assault on Derry Fleadh trader

Belfast Crown Court
The High Court in Belfast has refused bail to a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a market trader in Derry after he rented her a room for the recent fleadh in Derry.
Ahmed Bouazzi, a 28-year-old Tunisian national with an address at Woodvale Mews, Derry, faces charges of sexual assault and possession of cannabis.
The judge refused his application for bail as “wholly unmeritorious”.
The alleged victim came to Derry earlier this month to sell items during the fleadh, and rented a room from Mr Bouazzi.
It’s claimed that he turned up drunk at the flat in the Kular Court on the 14th of August, two weeks ago today, and got into her bed.
The woman claimed he agreed to stop if she did not tell anyone what had happened.
She then left the flat, and went back to her stall before staying in a friend’s van.
Police who subsequently arrested Mr Bouazzi also found some suspected herbal cannabis on him, the court was told. Mr Bouazzi denies sexual assault.
Refusing bail, Mr Justice Deeney described the alleged attack on a visitor to the city as “absolutely deplorable”.