Garda Commissioner warns over contact with people online

The Garda Commissioner is warning people to be careful when it comes to contact they have with people online. It comes as gardai seem poised to launch a murder investigation into the the death of Elaine O’Hara.
Her partial remains were found in the Dublin mountains last Friday.
It emerged last night that a bag containing restraints and some personal belongings of the 36-year-old was found at Roundwood Reservoir in Wicklow two days earlier.
The bag was discovered before the remains were found in the Dublin mountains last week where searches are also on-going. The 36-year-old from Killiney went missing last August.
Gardai are continuing to examine two scenes in connection with her death.
The death of Ms. O’Hara is reportedly being treated as murder though detectives on the case have not yet upgraded their investigation.
Special Correspondent with the Irish Independent Paul Williams says Gardai seem to be following a specific line of inquiry.
“Her mother had died four months earlier, she was very distressed and had been hospitalised as a result of depression” he said.
“But it would appear – from the language being used by the Commissioner and senior gardai – that have reason at this stage to suspect that she may have met somebody on the internet, through some dating site or whatever, and from there everything went absolutely tragic” he added.