Ireland’s Number One Local Station Submits Application to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for 10 More Years

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NO FEE HIGHLAND RADIO 2Some of Donegal’s most loved sons and daughters have given their backing to Donegal Highland Radio Limited application for another 10 years of local broadcasting made today to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).
Musicians Daniel O’Donnell and Moya Brennan, playwright and author Brian Friel and entrepreneur Sir Gerry Robinson are just some of the leading figures who have given their support for Ireland’s number one local radio station.
“It would be inadequate to say that Highland Radio speaks for Donegal – Highland Radio speaks Donegal. It speaks to us exactly as we speak ourselves – in our accent, in our idiom, in our interests, in our obsession” – Brian Friel.
“Highland Radio doesn’t just provide entertainment, news and local information; it has simply become the voice of Donegal. It would be inconceivable that life in Donegal would not include Highland Radio.” – Sir Gerry Robinson.
“I don’t think I could ever quantify what Highland Radio has meant to my career. From the very beginning they have played my music and promoted me in every way possible. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of every other entertainer in Ireland and say that they would feel as I do….Long may Highland continue to come over the airwaves in Donegal and surrounding areas” – Daniel O’Donnell.
“Highland Radio is at the heart of the community in Donegal and its consistent ability to inform, entertain and stimulate a wide audience has made it part of the fabric of our lives in the county”  – Moya Brennan.
Highland Radio Managing Director Shaun Doherty says “Our listeners are at the heart of everything we do. We are very pleased with the strength of our application to the BAI today and positive about the new licence process.
“After 23 years of leadership in Irish local radio, Highland Radio remains fresh, relevant, exciting and dynamic. I want to say a very big thank you to everyone for their support. We look forward to continuing to be a voice for our Donegal communities for another 10 years and beyond” he added
Since change of ownership in 2008, Highland Radio has increased market share and listenership. The station has managed to navigate the current economic downturn and even increase staffing to a total of 53, by creating exciting new initiatives for Donegal advertisers and listeners such as the North West Motor Show and the Highland Radio Christmas Fair.
Highland Radio is making a commitment to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to continue to stay ahead of audience demands through continuous research and embracing new technology. The station recently launched a new Highland Radio smart phone application, which allows listeners to tune in no matter where they are in the world.
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland are expected to issue a local radio license for North Donegal in the next couple of months.


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