Over 900 marriages in Donegal in 2011

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marriage square
The number of people getting married is on the decline.
The CSO says 19,855 marriages were registered in 2011, down 3.6 per cent from 2010 when 20,594 couples married.
There were 536 civil partnerships registered, eight of them in Donegal.
Meanwhile, there were over 900 marriages in Donegal in 2011
There were a total of 917 marriages in Donegal in 2011, almost 84% of them involving religious ceremonies.
685 of the weddings took place in Catholic Churches, 34 in the Church of Ireland, 30 in the Presbyterian Church and 9 in other religious denominations.
159 of the marriages in that year were Civil Ceremonies.
There were 84 divorce applications received during the same year, and 71 applications granted. Two applications to have marriages annulled were received and one was granted, while there were 38 applications for judicial separations, and 14 applications granted.


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