Voting underway in Donegal for two referendums

pollingPolling stations are open for voting in the two referendums being held today.
Irish citizens are being asked to vote on whether they want to abolish the Seanad, and whether to set up a new Court of Appeal.
Polling stations across the country are open until 10 o’clock tonight.
Polling booths will remain open until 10 pm tonight.
Up to 3.1 million people have a right to vote in the referendums – the thirty second and thirty third amendments to the constitution.
A white ballot paper will be given asking voters if they wish to abolish the Seanad, while a Green paper will ask if they want to establish a court of appeal.
While a polling card is not necessary to vote, acceptable proof of identity may be.
Voters can access information on
Once the ballot boxes close they’ll be secured overnight ahead of counting tomorrow morning.