Referendum Count – Update

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Bonagee Count Oct 2013
2pm – Donegal NE says ‘No’
The counting of votes in the referendum on the abolition of the Seanad has finished in Donegal North East, with a No vote being returned by a nargin og 51.7% to 48.3%. The official figures are –
Donegal North East Result
Seanad Referendum
Electorate: 58,032
Total Poll: 16,792
Spoiled Votes: 212
Total Valid Poll: 16,760
Yes: 8,097 (48.31%)
No: 8,663 (51.68%)
12.25 – Latest indications from Donegal North East are that it will be a ‘No’ vote by a few hundred. No official figures yet, but it seems to be in the region of 51.5% to 48.5%.
The sorting of votes is nearly finished at the Donegal North Eaast Count Centre at Bonagee in Letterkenny, with a very tight result expected. After analysing 13 boxes, Fine Gael Deputy Joe Mc Hugh said he believes there is a slight trend towards the ‘Yes’ side, but it is too close to call

In Donegal South West, it is very quiet at the St John Bosco Centre in Donegal Town, with the Seanad referendum very close.
It seems the referendum on establishing a Court of Appeal will pass in botyh constituencies, albeit by small majorities in both cases.
The counting of votes cast in yesterday’s two referendums is underway. One referendum was on the abolition of the Seanad, the other was on the establishment of a Court of Appeal.
In Donegal North East, early indications are that it could be very close in both referendums.
In the Inishowen area, two out of the three boxes opened showed a slight majority of No votes in the Senate referendum.
However, in the Court of Appeal referendum two out of the three boxes showed a slight majority of Yes votes.
There are only two people tallying votes at the count centre in Bonagee, Letterkenny.


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