Politicians call for clarification as Chief Superintendent says emigration is driving down demand for drugs

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Patrick McGowen
Members of Donegal County Council and members of the Donegal Education and Training Board are calling for clarification after the Donegal District’s Chief Superintendent suggested that high emigration of 18 to 30 year olds means that there is less demand for drugs in the county.
The comments were made by Chief Superintendent Terry Mc Ginn in a letter to the ETB, which has replaced the VEC in the county.
The letter was raised at a special meeting of Donegal County Council to discuss crime in the county, with a number of members expressing anger at the claim that emigration is reducing the demand for drugs.
Cllr Patrick Mc Gowan is an ETB member and Vice Chair of the Donegal Joint Policing Committee.
He believes that demand for drugs is as high as ever, but the drop in garda numbers means detections are down……….

Terry Letter


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