Donegal County Council clamping down on illegal bonfire preparations

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Donegal County Council says it is monitoring a number of bonfire sites across the county ahead of halloween night, and is warning people bonfires are illegal.
10 days ago, the council says it removed 3 tonnes of waste from a location in Donegal, and will do so again if deemed necessary.
Donegal County Council says it is an offence for householders or businesses to supply waste materials to parties collecting materials for bonfires, and it is illegal to give waste to a person that does not have a waste collection permit.
The council warns it is currently undertaking an audit of certain businesses to ensure that the law is obeyed and waste materials are not being supplied for use bonfires.
Acting Chief Fire Officer Joseph McTaggart is urging members of the public not to light bonfires, saying they can are often built close to houses and other property and can cause serious damage and injuries.
With fireworks readily available for sale in Northern Ireland, Mr Mc Taggart also warned it is illegal to possess fireworks in the Republic which may have been legally purchased outside the country.
Every year, he added, children end up tragically injured and often scarred for life after using illegal fireworks over the Halloween period.
Suzanne Bogan is Waste Awareness Officer with Donegal County Council.
She believes some householders are using bonfires as a means of illegally dumping waste……