Mc Conalogue says FF plan to reform local government will retain Town Councils and enhance democracy

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Charlie McConalogue 1
Fianna Fáil has published proposals to retain town councils and give more power to local communities.
Donegal NE Deputy Charlie Mc Cnalogue says the plan would see the retention of Buncrana, Letterkenny, Bundoran & Ballyshannon Town Councils, as well as new structures to allow for enhanced community engagement in decisions affecting local areas.
He says instead of abolishing town councils and moving Donegal communities further away from the decision-making process, there’s a need to empower our communities and enhance local democracy.
Deputy Mc Conalogue says the Fianna Fáil plan would see the radical transformation of local government to ensure that Donegal communities have a stronger voice within a model aimed at improving the efficiency, transparency and accountability of local government.
As well as retaining all existing councils, the Fianna Fáil proposals also include new voluntary Community Councils to represent areas with no Town Councils, and local referendums on major local issues, such as Local Area Plans.
Deputy Mc Conalogue says in the aftermath of the Seanad referendum, the government still hasn’t learned that people want to be consulted on reform, and want to be involved in local decision making………….



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