Investigation into claim that doctor struck child at LGH

It’s reported this morning that a doctor at Letterkenny General Hospital has been suspended following allegations that a child was physically assaulted in recent days.
The hospital is confirming an investigation, but is not confirming reports that a four-year-old child was struck in an incident which was reportedly witnessed by a parent. .
In a statement issued through the West/North West Hospital Group, Letterkenny General Hospital says  a “trust in care” incident is being investigated, and if appropriate, the matter will be referred to gardai.
Statement in full –
Statement from West/North West Hospitals Group
Letterkenny General Hospital (part of the West/North West Hospitals Group) is investigating a “Trust in care” incident concerning a child who was attending the hospital, accompanied by its parent.
Letterkenny General Hospital is guided by two policies when dealing with such incidents.
The “Children First” policy states that the key principles informing best practice are that the welfare of children is of paramount importance and that all personnel and health professionals, irrespective of the position held within the organisation, have a responsibility towards child protection and welfare.
The “Trust in Care” policy aims to ensure any allegations or complaints against a member of staff are thoroughly investigated. This policy states that, “at an appropriate stage in the process, management should take whatever protective measures are necessary to ensure that no patient/client or staff member is exposed to unacceptable risk. These protective measures are not disciplinary measures and may include putting the staff member off duty with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.”
In the interests of fairness and to ensure due process, the nature of any investigation is not discussed with third parties not associated with the alleged incident.
When the results of the investigation are known, appropriate action is taken, up to and including disciplinary action and, where appropriate, the reporting of the incident to external authorities.