10 percent of teens have met up with someone from the internet

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One fifth of teenagers say they have accessed inappropriate content online that disturbed them. More than 10 percent admit to meeting up with someone they met on the internet.
A study by McAfee called the ‘Digital Divide’ looks at how teens are keeping their parents in the dark about what they do online. 1-in-10 admitted to posting revealing pictures online.
Report authors say more work needs to be done to educate teenagers on the risks associated with ‘over-sharing’ on the internet.
The study revealed more than 70 percent of Irish parents are concerned about their teens posting their home address online, and sharing other details such as their mobile number.
The Children’s Minister says parents need to educate their children about online privacy. Minister Fitzgerald says children do not realise how public their posts might actually be.
“What they might consider private is not actually that private – I think that’s the point (of) just how accessible everything you put up is” she said.
“The photographs that you think you’re sending privately to your friends, the Twitter account – all of that can be so public” she added.


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