Adrienne Mc Glinchey settles High Court action against Garda Comissioner and the State

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An action taken by Adrienne McGlinchey, a key witness in the Morris Tribunal which investigated the activities of a number of Gardai in Donegal in the early 1990‘s, against The Garda Commissioner, Ireland and The Attorney General has been settled.
In a statement, Ms Mc Glinchey says it has taken twenty two years, a major Garda investigation led by Assistant Commissioner Kevin Carty, evidence to the Court of Criminal Appeal in the Frank Shortt Miscarriage of Justice application, 18 months of Tribunal Hearings, both public and private at the Morris Tribunal and endless and intense media coverage to bring to a conclusion one of the most serious acts of abuse and outrage perpetrated on any citizen of this State.
Adrienne Mc Glinchey says she was targetted by deliberate smear campaign started from within the Garda Siochana in the early 1990s which has followed her to this day.
She says millions of Euro has been spent by the State on Garda Investigations, Tribunals and Settlements and not a single member of the Garda Siochana has ever been prosecuted for their illegal activities or perjury in relation to her case.
She concludes a confidentiality clause requested by the State precludes her from discussing the terms of the settlement, but she is very happy to see the end of this case.


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