Minister says the answer to health service problems is accuracy

The Minister for Agriculture has denied that James Reilly has lost control of his department.
It comes as the estimated deficit in health could reach nearly 300 million euro which is almost double previous forecasts.
The Irish Times says official correspondence from the HSE to both the Departments of Health and Public Expenditure and Reform indicates a deficit of almost 300 million last month.
Minister Simon Coveney has defended his colleague’s management of the health sector and the overspend controversy.
“There are things within the health system that are not working at the moment and need to be fixed” he said.
“There are a lot of things that are also improving, despite the fact that we’re spending less money now than we did years ago”.
“The answer to the health service isn’t the Fianna Fail solution – which is (to) pump more and more money into it – we need to have accuracy here”.
“One of the frustrations with health budgets is that it has been difficult to predict accuracy how much money is needed and will be spent” he added.


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