Tourism Ireland hopes to attract million people by 2016

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Tourism Ireland will today launch their plans to attract more visitors to Ireland over the next three years.
The body is looking to bring up to 9 million people to Ireland by 2016.
They are also hoping to attract more than 12.6 billion euro into the Irish economy through increased activity in the sector.
Niall Gibbons is CEO of Tourism Ireland. He says the US market is looking promising for 2014.
“The Ireland brand in America’s very strong; we’re still regarded as a dream destination, and the investment by airlines..for example we have five new routes that came into Ireland, they’re being maintained next year; and on top of that….United Airlines have announced an additional 90 flights to come into Shannon from Chicago” he said.
“We’ve also got additional air access coning in from Toronto with Aer Lingus and Bruges – they’re new routes” he added.


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