Council could face dissolution as budget discussions remain deadlocked

council crest
Donegal County Council could cease to exist if the budget for next year is not passed by midnight tonight.
The budget meeting for 2014 was adjourned last night and will reconvene this afternoon.
Cllrs failed to come to an agreement last last night after eight adjournments. The meeting ended at 11pm.
Fianna Fail say they cannot support budget after meeting with Council management.
They say they want clarification around Irish water, a rates cut of at least 5% and more investment in maintenance of the housing stock.
Their party whip, Ciaran Brogan said there is too much uncertainty around water charges, and if they dont get answers, they’ll vote against the budget…………..

Sinn Fein have also said they cannot support another austerity budget.
Their main sticking point with the current draft is the introduction of water charges.
Party whip Mick Quinn, says that is something they cannot stand by…………..

Meanwhile Fine Gael have said they’ll support the budget with a number of adjustments.
They also want a 5% rates decrease, while they want the development fund to be increased by 50,000 euro for each electoral area.
Party whip Barry O’Neill says they are prepared to work with anyone to get the budget passed……