US hit with record breaking low termperatures

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Weather AlertStates in the centre and Midwest of America are experiencing the coldest and most dangerous temperatures in decades.
In one part of Minnesota it fell to minus 40 degrees Celsius which is the same in Fahrenheit.
The east coast and deep south are now being warned to brace themselves, with overnight temperatures falling 50 degrees Fahrenheit in New York on Monday.
But Meteorologist with Met Eireann Evelyn Cusack says the Irish coasts insulates us from feeling the Polar Vortex being experienced State-side.
“Not in the next week anyway – but we’re lucky in that way that…we’re surrounded by sea, so polar air does tend to get modified” she said.
“Although it can plunge down, but generally we would never get it as cold as in the States because the sea actually warms up the polar air as it heads towards Ireland” she added.


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