Tragic lift fall boy (3) named, as investigations begin

Health and safety authority
Two investigations have been launched into the death of a young boy in a lift shaft in Galway yesterday.
3-year-old Solomon Soremekun was with his mother and two siblings at the Hynes Building on St. Augustine Street when he became separated from them and entered the lift shaft.
Ambulance crews and the fire service attended the scene but he was pronounced dead shortly after 3pm.
Both the gardaí and Health and Safety Authority (HSA) have launched investigations.
The Irish Daily Mirror Crime Correspondent Cathal McMahon says they will be looking to see whether there had been problems with the lift in the past.
“There’s no evidence that’s been given to us at this stage that the lift was undergoing maintenance” he said.
“This will all form part of the investigation – the age of the lift, did it previously malfunction or indeed if there had been an on-going issue with it”.
“I’m sure both bodies will be keen to investigate that”.
“But I suppose this’ll be of little comfort to the family of this little boy” he added.