Satire play on the Bible cancelled in Belfast for being blasphemous

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In the North the DUP-led Newtownabbey Council has cancelled a play based on the Bible, claiming it is blasphemous.
It says “as guardians of all that’s right in society, we’ve got to take a stand somewhere”.
The Reduced Shakespeare Company take on ‘The Bible – The Complete Word of God (Abridged)’ was to be shown at the Theatre at the Mill, just outside Belfast.
The tour will see the show performed at various venues throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
Producer David Naylor says it is a chance for the audience to learn more about the book.
“We actually ask in the show ‘how many people know the Bible cover to cover?’, and very few people put their hands up” he said.
“And the idea is we hope all the people ill go away – maybe if they’re staying in a hotel room they might pick up a Bible and have a look through a few pages”.
“It’s certainly not mocking, and I don’t understand why people have made this decision before they’ve actually been to see the show” he added.