Huge crowd attend rally in support of Andrew Quigleys family in Derry

andrewquigley2The heartbroken mother of missing Derry teenager Andrew Quigley revealed yesterday how she tried to get her son help for his drug and alcohol addictions but was turned away.
Colette Quigley spoke out at a rally held near Derry’s peace bridge.
The rally was called exactly a week after Andrew’s personal belongings were found on the Foyle Bridge. It’s feared the 19-year-old may have taken his own life.
Calls were made at the rally for a purpose-built detox centre for Derry.
The devastated Derry mother spoke of how she had tried several times to get help for her 19-year-old son.
In a heartbreaking message to her son, Colette Quigley said: “I’m so sorry Andrew, I let you slip through my fingers. I should have beaten down doors to get you help.”
She added that she would not stop fighting for a detox centre so that other families will be spared similar tragedies.
And Andrew’s uncle, Dee Quigley, said his nephew was one of the many people battling drug and alcohol problems in the city.
Addressing the crowd, Mr. Quigley said the city was at crisis point.