Mc Conalogue claims government has an agenda to close small schools

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Charlie McConalogue 1
It’s emerged that at least 8 schools in Donegal are on course to lose at least one full teaching post in September as a result of what Fianna Fail is calling the Government’s attack on small schools.
Donegal North East Deputy Charlie Mc Conalogue claims if Minister Ruari Quinn has his way, some Donegal communities will lose their local school.
Deputy Mc Conalogue says a total of 127 small schools across the country are set to lose a teacher in the next academic year – with Donegal among the worst affected counties in the country. Overall, he says, nearly half all primary schools in the country are at risk of cuts in the coming years as they are being classed as ‘small schools’ by the Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn.
Deputy Mc Conalogue. the Fianna Fail Education Spokesperson says this exposes the lie that the Government has ‘protected’ the Pupil Teacher Ratio.
On the contrary, he claims, nearly half of all primary schools in the country are being subjected to increases in the PTR, and this means larger class sizes and the loss of teaching posts.
The Inishowen TD says he believes this is part of a wider agenda to amalgamate a number of small schools


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