Facebook marks its 10th birthday today

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Nearly one-fifth of the world’s total population is now signed up to Facebook.
The social network giant is celebrating its tenth birthday today, and has a market value of more than 150 billion dollars.
Founder Mark Zuckerberg says it’s been an ‘incredible journey’ so far.
There have been some reports lately that users are going off Facebook. But technology writer with the London Independent James Vincent believes it will be around for a long time to come.
“Something like MySpace which people often compare Facebook to had maybe 100 million users, something like Twitter – which obviously gets compared to Facebook as well – has about 600 million users registered, with only about 40 of those are regular users” he said. Recently, Facebook bought WhatsApp Messenger for about 19 billion dollars. It is still unclear how Facebook wants to earn their money back with this investment.
“I think it’s probably too big to fail; but whether it’ll be folded into some other sort of organisation or another sort of social network – it could happen” he added.


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