GSOC to have full access to garda database in penalty points probe

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Customs checkpoint
It has been confirmed that the Garda Ombudsman Commission will have full access to the garda electronic database for its inquiry into penalty points.
Alan Shatter says the Ombudsman will have full access to the PULSE system used by gardai.
He says the Ombudsman currently has to access the system through two Garda superintendents who are currently assigned to work there.
However he says work is being carried out to give the Garda Ombudsman full unsupervised access.
“The Garda Commissioner and I are agreed that the Garda Ombudsman Commission would have direct access to the PULSE system, without the need to go through the intermediary of seconded member of An Garda Síochána” he said.
“Going forward, this will be the case of both this and any other investigation in which the Garda Ombudsman Commission is engaged” he added.


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